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What is ProxyStack?

ProxyStack is a free resource for webmasters, marketers, coders, and other online professionals to access the most reliable proxy server lists and SOCKS lists that are 100% free to use. Proxies can be sorted by country, port, and filtered down by their type, anonymity, and other features. All proxies are checked every few minutes so only the most dependable proxy servers are displayed.

What is a Proxy Server?

Proxy Servers are intermediaries that allow users to tunnel a connection between a client and target server or website. For example, your browser could connect to a proxy server in order to access another website that is blocking your IP address or to a website that you don't want your IP address exposed to. During this process, your browser would never connect to the target website that you are trying to access, rather it would directly connect to the proxy, which would make the request to the website on your behalf and return the content to your browser, just as if you had accessed the website normally! Proxies are essentially middle man for connections online and can be very useful for the average internet user. Proxies have varying degrees of anonymity which determine how well your real IP address is hidden as you make connections through the proxy. Transparent Proxies reveal your IP address to all connections that the proxy makes on your behalf. Transparent Proxies tend to have the fastest speed. Anonymous Proxies are suitable for almost 99% of tasks that would require a proxy and have average to fast speeds. Anonymous Proxies hide your real IP address to any connections the proxy makes on your behalf but they do have a connection signature which indicates that you are using a proxy connection. Elite Proxies are the most anonymous proxy type and tend to be preferred by more nefarious users of the web. These proxies hide your real IP address and also mask any traces that indicate your connection has resulted from a proxy server, such as not sending header requests that anonymous and transparent proxies frequently send. The advantage to using elite proxies is that they can bypass filters that would normally outright block proxy connections.

What are the Benefits of Using Proxies?

So you may be wondering why bother to use a proxy at all? Here are the most common uses of proxy servers:

  • Bypass Firewall Restrictions from your ISP, work/corporate LAN, school, library, and other internet zones. Having trouble accessing Facebook or other popular sites? Most likely a firewall on your internet is preventing access to these websites. Simply using a proxy to make the connection can instantly fix this situation and allow you to browse any website.
  • Bypass Geo Blocks - Having trouble viewing content from a certain country, such as on YouTube or Netflix? Many sites only make content available to specific countries. This can be especially frustrating when traveling! By using a proxy, you can instantly change your connection's country of origin and access content as if the geo block never existed!
  • Hide Your IP Address - Would you like to comment or register on a website without your IP address being recorded or tracked? Maybe search a controversial or taboo subject without it being traced to your IP address? Using an anonymous or elite proxy connection will allow the proxy's IP address to show as your public IP and protect your true identity.

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